Gen2 Ultra Lightweight Robot Arm

Gen2 Ultra Lightweight Arm

Redundant Lightweight Arm

Redundant lightweight arm with a three-finger gripper from Kinova Robotics. Includes torque sensing and infinite rotation in each of its seven arm joints and compliantly adaptive fingers.

Gen3 Ultra Lightweight Robot Arm

Gen3 Ultra Lightweight Arm

User-Friendly Lightweight Arm

Ultra lightweight arm from Kinova Robotics with a user-friendly interface. Includes torque sensing in each of its seven arm joints, a video + depth camera at the wrist, and several infinite-rotation joints.

Clearpath Husky Outdoor Research Platform


Outdoor Platform

Outdoor research platform from Clearpath Robotics. Includes a large payload area with integrated power, a rugged design, a high-torque drivetrain, and a large user base.

Clearpath Jackal Small Weatherproof Research Platform


Small Weatherproof Platform

Small weatherproof research platform from Clearpath Robotics. This fast entry-level field robotics platform has an onboard computer, GPS, and IMU all integrated into a ROS environment.

KUKA LBR iiwa 14 R820

LBR iiwa 14 R820

High Performance Arm

High performance robotic arm from KUKA. Sensitive to contact to enable both a safe collaborative working environment and to achieve delicate material handling and assembly tasks.

DJI Matrice 210 RTK Quadrotor

Matrice 210 RTK

Large Outdoor Quadrotor

Large outdoor quadrotor from DJI. Includes an FPV camera, single or dual camera gimbals, stereo vision and laser sensors for obstacle detection, and precision outdoor localization using D-RTK GPS.

Rendering of MOVO Mobile Manipulator


Dual-Arm Mobile Manipulator

A dual-arm mobile manipulator from Kinova Robotics with a holonomic base and a raisable body. Includes a pair of JACO² arm mounts and a Kinect One on a pan-tilt mount.

NAO Humanoid Robot


Small Humanoid Robot

Small humanoid robot from Softbank Robotics. Includes directional microphones, dual cameras, text-to-speech, built-in natural language processing and image recognition, and a global user base.

Panda Powertool

Panda Powertool

Easy-To-Use Collaborative Arm

Easy-to-use collaborative robotic arm from Franka Emika. Programmable via a touch interface which can learned in minutes, while sensitive enough to move lightweight parts safely near people.

QBot 2e Robot

QBot 2e

Autonomous Indoor Platform

Autonomous indoor sensor platform from Quanser. This open-architecture system has over 30 sensors and a host of expandable digital and analog I/O channels available for any custom sensing needs.

QDrone Quadrotor


High-Performance Quadrotor

High-performance indoor quadrotor from Quanser. Its carbon-fibre frame holds an Intel Aero Compute Board with built-in WiFi and native support for the platform's RealSense and optical flow cameras.

Clearpath Ridgeback Omnidirectional Research Platform


Omnidirectional Platform

Omnidirectional indoor research platform from Clearpath Robotics. Includes dual (front and rear) LIDAR, a precision holonomic drivetrain, passive suspension, and high-resolution encoders.

ROSbot 2.0

ROSbot 2.0

ROS Educational Platform

ROS Educational Platform from Husarion which connects to the AWS RoboMaker platform. This robot is used by students for learning ROS, sensor fusion, and cloud-based robotics.

TALOS Humanoid Robot waving its hand


Full-Size Humanoid Robot

Full-size humanoid robot from PAL Robotics. Includes torque sensing and control at all joints, force-torque sensing at wrists and ankles, and a large arm workspace with high payload limits.

Clearpath Warthog Amphibious Research Platform


Amphibious Platform

Amphibious outdoor research platform from Clearpath Robotics. Includes rugged design and traction tires for all-terrain mobility and a modular payload bay with power and communication ports.​

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