VICON Vantage V5 Camera

Vantage V5 Cameras

Indoor Positioning System

Indoor positioning system using a set of 20 VICON Vantage V5 cameras. Includes on-board marker processing, internal accelerometer for vibration avoidance, and app-based calibration interface.

VICON Vue Camera

Vue Cameras

HD Reference Camera

High definition motion capture reference video is available via a pair of VICON Vue cameras. Enables frame-synchronized colour video overlay for motion capture and indoor positioning data.

Rendering of Magnetic Levitation Floor

Magnetic Levitation Floor

Array of Electromagnets

An array of controllable electromagnets embedded in the floor. Enables remote manipulation of up to 3 custom modules in free space via frictionless, high precision, non-contact motion control.

Rendering of MagLev Module

Custom Maglev Module

Magnetically Levitated Module

Magnetically levitated modules custom designed by members of the Maglev Microrobotics Lab. These modules move simultaneously and independently above the RoboHub's Magnetic Levitation Floor.

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