DJI Matrice 210 RTK Quadrotor

Matrice 210 RTK

Large Outdoor Quadrotor

Large outdoor quadrotor from DJI. Includes an FPV camera, single or dual camera gimbals, stereo vision and laser sensors for obstacle detection, and precision outdoor localization using D-RTK GPS.

QDrone Quadrotor


High-Performance Quadrotor

High-performance indoor quadrotor from Quanser. Its carbon-fibre frame holds an Intel Aero Compute Board with built-in WiFi and native support for the platform's RealSense and optical flow cameras.

Rendering of MagLev Module

Custom Maglev Module

Magnetically Levitated Module

Magnetically levitated modules custom designed by members of the Maglev Microrobotics Lab. These modules move simultaneously and independently above the RoboHub's Magnetic Levitation Floor.