Large Outdoor Quadrotor

Large outdoor quadrotor from DJI. Includes an FPV camera, single or dual camera gimbals, stereo vision and laser sensors for obstacle detection, and precision outdoor localization using D-RTK GPS.

DJI Matrice 210 RTK QuadrotorQuantity: 2 (1x w/ X4S camera, 1x w/ X5S camera)

Weight: 4.4 kg (w/ TB50 batteries) / 5.5 kg (w/ TB55 batteries)

Payload: 1.7 kg (w/ TB50 batteries) / 1 kg (w/ TB55 batteries)

Max Speed: 65 km/h (2 gimbals) / 83 km/h (1 gimbal)

Manufacturer: DJI

More Details: DJI 200 Series Website

University of Waterloo