Graduate student profiles

Jody head hot from the side.

Jody Daniel

Ph.D. Candidate

In the Rooney lab, I look at which factors are largely predictive of wetland permanence class, and I also investigate the various ways that wetland hydroperiod structures bird, plant, and aquatic macroinvertebrate communities.

Photo of Courtney Robichaud on a ladder surveying wetland birds

Courtney Robichaud

Ph.D. Candidate

Courtney Robichaud is interested in invasion biology and the efficacy of different control methods in restoring wetland integrity.  Her recent research has focused on understanding why aerial insectivore birds avoid foraging over marsh invaded by Phragmites australis and why Barn Swallow forage more actively over areas where Phragm

Head shot of Lauren

Lauren Koiter

MSc. Student

I completed a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in the Honours Geography and Environmental Management program at the University of Waterloo in 2018, with a specialization in Earth Systems Science and a minor in Biology.

Picture of Owen holding a lobster.

Owen Royall

MSc. Student

I completed my Bachelors of Science from the University of Guelph, majoring in Marine and Freshwater Biology. I then, in my professional life, worked doing analyses on Great Lakes fish populations as well as field data collection and lab work. Currently, I am completing my MSc.

Heather standing in a wetland looking at birds.

Heather Polowyk

MSc. Student

I attended the University of Victoria and obtained a double major undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Geography. Additionally, I received a post-graduate certificate from Niagara College in Ecosystem Restoration. I have previously worked for a non-profit organization as a Forest Species at Risk Researcher.

Headshot of Hilary standing on a boat.

Hillary Quinn-Austin

MSc. Student
Head shot of Calvin in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains

Calvin Lei

MSc. Student

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Honours Sciences with a minor in Biology at the University of Waterloo in 2018. During this time, I completed a Senior Honours Project with the Rooney Lab studying rooting depths and below ground biomass of invasive European Reed, Phragmites australis, in Long Point, Ontario.

Headshot of Jordan

Jordan Reynolds

MSc. Student

I am interested in bioacoustics and how it can be used to determine bird community composition and species richness in mountain peatlands in the Upper Bow Basin, Alberta. Peatlands are ecologically valuable ecosystems to both our society and the environment, and mountain peatland biodiversity is severely under studied worldwide.

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