Safety Office Strategic Plan


For the past two years, the Safety Office has fully engaged in meeting the goals, purposes and enabling projects outlined in our 2013-2017 Strategic Plan, in an effort to actively support the themes of the University’s overarching Strategic Plan.

In conducting a review at the halfway point of the plan, the Safety Office drew upon four themes of particular relevance to our core functions that we believed would guide us in renewing our goals:  

  • Experiential Education
  • Transformational Research
  • Robust Employer-Employee Relationship
  • A Sound Value System

In examining these themes, the Safety Office revisited its established purposes and means to determine whether those reflected the strategic plan, and considered how we would continue to achieve them in the remaining two years of the plan. Finally, projects that are motivated by and lend support to our purposes and support movement along the path of excellence were identified, along with projected timelines to complete them.  

As a reporting unit to the Secretariat of the University of Waterloo, we align ourselves with a focus on the enabling goals contained in the university’s strategic plan, in particular, to improve the environment in which members of the university community undertake their daily activities, and to serve the community to facilitate the pursuit of excellence.


The Safety Office at the University of Waterloo is dedicated to:

  • Supporting the achievement of the university’s strategic goals through the delivery of effective, efficient, and comprehensive health, safety and environmental program services;
  • Facilitating successful endeavours by all members of the University community through providing advice on establishing the healthiest and safest work and educational environment reasonably attainable; and
  • Ensuring that persons accountable for University operations are fully and properly informed of the legal and regulatory health, safety and environmental compliance risks and requirements, and providing advice to those persons on those risks and requirements,

all through a prudent use of resources and at costs reasonably consistent with those incurred by comparable institutions.

Means to fulfil Safety Office purposes and the projects to establish those means


The Safety Office shall realize its purposes by leading the development, implementation and management of a comprehensive health, safety and environment (HSE) program which supports the achievement of the university’s strategic goals, principally in the following core areas.

In the boxes following each entry below, specific projects to be undertaken during the term of this strategic plan are identified.


To achieve the above, the Safety Office will:


To support accomplishment of its purposes, the Safety Office will: