Main Campus Joint Health and Safety Committee

Committee membership

M - Management    W - Worker Member   E - Ex Officio

Role Member Department Affiliation Extension
W Michael Chong Chemistry FAUW 36643
W Laura Deakin Chemisry FAUW 38677
M Rob Sexton Food Services Ancillary Operations 31361
W TBA Graduate Student Association Graduate Student Association 36015
W Ryan Comfort Registrar Office UW Staff Association 40050
W Andrew Urschel Engineering Student Shops UW Staff Association 32301
W Philp Bigelow School of Public Health FAUW
M Sharon Lamont Library Academic Support 33519
W Terrence Birmingham Plant Operations CUPE 46281
W Greg Macedo Plant Operations CUPE 46281
W Melissa Holst Secretariat UW Staff Association 36125
W Paulina Cisneros Co-operative Education & Career Services UW Staff Association 31915
W Jason Brown Plant Operations CUPE 46351
W Ahmad Ghavami Chemical Engineering UW Staff Association 30317
M Fred Zhu Engineering Faculties 42408
M Steven Briggs Plant Operations Management 43651
E Kate Windsor Safety Office Resource Person 35814

Auxilary members (inspections)

Name Affiliation Extension
Tom Dean Faculty of Eng. 31166
Mike Ditty Faculty of Science 36092

Resource persons

Resource persons Department Extension

Linda Brogden 

Alternate: Karen Parkinson

Occupational Health

Occupational Health



Seneca Velling Fed. of Students 33880
Sheila Hurley Safety Office 33587
Andrew Scheifele Safety Office 36359
Elizabeth Ney Safety Office 37977
Randy Jardin/Dan Mercer UW Police Services 35992

Committee minutes and documents

Access committee meeting minutes, terms of reference, guidelines, and annual reports.