Phone access

Phone access

If the room is a classroom/grad office/computer lab, there must be nearby access to a UWaterloo phone (whenever the room is in use).  Podiums in lecture theatres all have hard wired phone access for use in the event of an emergency.

Persons working in laboratories must have access to a hard wired phone.  If an instructional teaching room is a teaching lab, a UWaterloo hard wired phone is also required.

All UWaterloo hard wired phones must have a yellow 911 sticker (available from the Safety Office).

Calling 911

911 can be called from any hard wired phone on campus (including pay phones at no charge). UWaterloo Police are automatically notified and the exact location of the call is registered. It is recommended, after calling 911, to also call UWaterloo Police at ext. 22222 or 519-888-4911 to confirm your location.

Cell or mobile phones are not part of UW’s phone system and as a result the call is not registered with UW Police. Therefore follow these procedures:

  • Do not hang up until told to do so by the 911 dispatcher
  • State exactly where you are, (i.e. University of Waterloo, building name, any street address and room number)
  • After being told to hang up by the 911 dispatcher, immediately call UW Police at 519-888-4911

Calling UW Police ext. 22222 or 519-888-4911

UW Police has officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UW Police has the same law enforcement powers as regional police. Persons working or studying after hours on campus may contact UW Police for advice on appropriate precautions. Call UW Police anytime you feel concern or fear.  If you:

  • See an injury, collision or fire
  • Need First aid when department services are not available
  • Are being followed, threatened or attacked
  • See or hear unusual, suspicious activity or disruptive behaviour
  • Suspect criminal activity
  • Need assistance with an emotionally upset or distraught person or a person with a disability who is in difficulty
  • Or any other personal safety or security matter

Be specific – report the nature of the help needed or emergency. 

UW Police Officer will attend and assess the situation.

Calling from pay phones

Bell Pay Phone stations on campus have a DIRECT DIAL BUTTON to contact UW Police. These buttons are identified in the lower left corner on the face of the phone.

UW payphone to call UW police

Red----UW Police    

Calling from the help line

Push button and UW Police will hear any activity around the phone. You can use the Help Line to get assistance – vehicle trouble, injury or an emergency.

UW yellow help line to call UW police

Calling from the elevator

Campus elevators have auto dial phones directly connected to Plant Operations for 24 hour assistance. Press call button or take the phone off the hook, wait for an answer. Be specific – report the nature of the help needed or emergency and SHOUT for help. UW Police will be notified.