Level 1 Mould clean up

Level 1 clean up refers to small isolated areas (less than 10 square feet of mould growth, or HVAC equipment with less than 10 square feet of growth in unoccupied areas).


  • Occupants in the area should be advised of the presence of mould. The work area should be unoccupied.  It is not necessary to vacate the entire building, but persons who work close by or those who are immunosuppressed; those with chronic lung problems (such as asthma or allergies) or those recovering from surgery should be relocated during clean-up.
  • Workers must use a disposable respirator (N95 or better) as well as glove and eye protection. Impervious disposable coveralls should also be worn.  A high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) respirator will provide a higher level of protection.  
  • Seal openings immediately adjacent to work area.  Drop sheeting can be used to isolate work areas.
  • Pre-clean any contents to be salvaged.
  • Dust suppression methods such as misting the surface lightly before cleaning is recommended. Remove mouldy materials 30 cm past the last visible mould line.
  • Clean the area with water and detergent.
  • Mouldy materials should be disposed of in sealed plastic bags.
  • Area should be dry and free of any visible contamination when the work is completed.   
  • Ensure the source of the moisture or leak is fixed to prevent conditions that may support the further mould growth.


  • The use of chemical disinfectants such as chlorine for remedial purposes is not recommended as use can pose health concerns for people in occupied spaces of the building.
  • Vacuuming may increase exposure to mould and spores by making them airborne. Central vacuums that exhaust to the outside, or those equipped with high-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) will minimize this exposure. The filter and contents of the HEPA vacuum must be disposed of in a well-sealed plastic bag.
  • Workers performing clean-up should follow good hygiene practices.  Dispose of used PPE in sealed bags and wash hands and face.