Safety Office urges campus to get a grip already

Thursday, December 14, 2017

 Don't Slip and Fall" - winterize your feet and walk like a penguin poster, showing a penguin gingerly walking on ice.

The Safety Office reports that for the period of 2012 to 2016, slips, trips and falls were the primary cause of employee injuries at the University of Waterloo accounting for 43 percent of employee lost time.

"With the arrival of winter, it is important that we are all doing our part to help reduce the risk of slip, trip and fall injuries," says a note from the Safety Office. "You can help prevent these incidents on campus by:

  • Reporting unsafe conditions to Plant Operations at ext. 33793.
  • Being prepared and checking the weather.
  • Adjusting your pace to surface conditions and being attentive when walking (watch for uneven, rough and icy spots).
  • Safely exiting and entering vehicles.
  • Posting the Safety Office’s Get a Grip Don’t Slip and Fall poster in your work area.
  • Choosing slip resistant, winter footwear."

Check out the Safety Office’s new Slip Trips and Falls program for more information. To order a poster for your area or if you have questions, contact the Safety Office at or ext. 33587.

(This article was originally posted in the Daily Bulletin)

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