According to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code Rules 2-022 and 2-024, all electrical equipment must be certified before use in Ontario to ensure that the equipment is built safely.

These results are based on CSA Z462 which lists an electrical hazard as anything over 60V DC or 30V AC as a shock risk to humans. The effect of shock is dependent on the magnitude of the current, the power source frequency, and the path and time duration through the body. The physiological reaction ranges from sensation, muscular contractions, inability to let go, ventricular fibrillation, tissue burns, and death.

Requestors should ensure that the equipment being purchased bears a valid certification marking. If equipment is brought to the University of Waterloo without a certification marking or field evaluation label, an inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority or equivalent approved organization must be completed before the equipment is used. Plant Operations personnel will not connect any uncertified equipment. View the Electrical Safety Approval – Quick Reference Guide to learn more about the ESA Certification requirements.

When purchasing unapproved new equipment, field evaluation can be arranged, upon request, by Procurement & Contract Services department. Additional funds will be required to pay for the cost of the inspection, and, to remedy any deficiencies found during the inspection.

When equipment is purchased by PO, supervisors should inspect their equipment for certification immediately upon arrival. If no certification is found, immediately inform procurement. As certification is included as part of the PO process, immediate communication with procurement may allow them to remedy the situation with no or limited costs to the supervisor.

Be aware that when electrical equipment is subjected to field modification by means other than a manufacturer approved field installable kit, this modification may void the original approval of the equipment. Once the modification is complete, the equipment should be re-inspected by ESA.

Contact the Safety Office for more information (ext. 33587).

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ESA Exemptions to Product Certifications

ESA Recognized Approval Marks