Obtaining and Managing Permits, Laser Workers, and Lasers

Obtaining and Managing Permits, Laser Workers, and Lasers

For Laboratory Supervisors or Managers

To obtain a permit, please see the table below and click on the "new permit application" link.  In order to add a worker to your permit, they must complete the online safety course SO1066, and they must have a baseline eye exam completed by an occupational health nurse from health services.

Once that is complete you can log into the system using the "add person to permit" link in the table below.  PLEASE NOTE - by adding the person to the permit, you are indicating that the individual has had practical training.  

Practical training means: "hands on" training developed and provided by the Laboratory Supervisor.  The practical training shall consist of the following components:

  1. Laser operation as described in the manufacturers laser operation manual
  2. Specific hazards
  3. The written Standard Operation Procedures (S.O.P.) Blank Laser SOP template

For Laboratory Workers

If you need to be added to a permit, please ensure you have completed the appropriate training as listed below:

  1. Online laser safety training.
  2. Visit the occupational health nurse at Health Services for a baseline eye exam.
  3. Specific training from the supervisor of the laser.

Once steps 1 to 3 have been completed, the supervisor of the laboratory must log into their permit and add individuals using the "Add person to a permit" link in the table below.  

Laser Forms

Action to be completed Link
Applying for a new permit new permit application 
Adding a new laser to an existing permit add laser to permit 
Update laser location update laser location 
Transfer permit to another person transfer permit
Transfer laser to another permit transfer laser
Deactivate a laser deactivate a laser
Add a person to a permit add person to permit
Add a secondary permit holder add secondary permit holder
Remove a person from the permit remove person
Remove a secondary permit holder remove secondary permit holder
To view all the lasers on your permit laser permit