The University of Waterloo Chemical Inventory System (erPortal)

Chemical Inventories

The University of Waterloo has adopted erPortal's Hazardous Materials Management system to create laboratory inventories for individual labs and laboratory groups.  The purpose of this initiative is to comply with the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act and to reduce the overall risk associated with using, handling, and storing chemical products or agents.

To be clear, any laboratory without a current and up to date laboratory inventory is in contravention of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


Laboratory Supervisors, Directors, or Managers

  • Use the Excel Inventory Template identified below to upload your initial laboratory inventory

  • Populating the lab inventory with any item ordered and received that is not ordered by a PO or from Chem Stores

  • Removing items from the inventory as they are consumed

The Safety Office

  • Maintain this page
  • Provide administrative support of the erPortal system
  • Create manuals and templates for facilitation of the use of the inventory system

Chem Stores

  • Enter items directly into a laboratory's inventory that have been ordered for a particular lab

Central Stores

  • Enter items directly into a laboratory's inventory that have been ordered by Purchase Order (PO)
  • Future plans are to be able to enter items purchased by systems contracts

Getting Started

In order to begin using erPortal, you will need two userids and associated passwords.  

Please email Dhananjai Borwankar at and in the email indicate your name and lab location(s).  You will receive a response providing you with the following:

  • One userid and password specific for the faculty member
  • One userid and password to be shared amongst your research group

With these login credentials you will be able to begin using the system.  Please see the manuals attached below for more specific guidance.

Resources, Templates, and Instruction Manuals

The following templates and manuals will help you navigate and use the erPortal inventory system.  Please open the appropriate links below to continue:

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