Smoke-Free Guideline

In striving to provide a smoke-free environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors, under Policy #29 - Smoking, the University of Waterloo has adopted restrictions on smoking to minimize exposure to second hand smoke in our community.

Smoking is not permitted within 10 metres (33 feet) of all buildings.


If smoking persists in a no smoking area:

  1. Faculty and Staff - advise your department management/supervisor.
  2. Students - advise your department administrative contact or Dean's Office.

According to Policy #29 - Smoking:

Department line management shall ensure compliance in areas under their responsibility.

In public areas UW Police Services shall assist line management with enforcement.


Permits for the use of tobacco for research or traditional aboriginal cultural or spiritual purposes may be approved where appropriate ventilation and precautions can be arranged.

Contact the Safety Office for approval at or ext. 33587.

There are no exemptions permitted for theatre performances or other entertainment events.


Leave the Pack Behind

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