WHMIS training programs

University of Waterloo is a complex educational and research organization with multiple environments. The potential exists for employees, students and visitors to come into contact with hazardous materials. Therefore employees at UWaterloo are required to have WHMIS training.

There are two parts to WHMIS training. In order to be considered trained in WHMIS you must have completed:

Part A: General and

Part B: Work area specific.

General education

General education in WHMIS is designed to give you the basics of the WHMIS program. All UWaterloo employees are required to have at least this level of education.


Generic WHMIS training at Waterloo has been divided into two types of training:


WHMIS awareness training is required for employees that have little contact with hazardous materials such as office workers, student support services and academic support services.

Awareness training consists of learning the basics of WHMIS. Participants will learn about the WHMIS program, including information delivery through labels, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)  and education.

WHMIS awareness training is incorporated into UWaterloo Safety Office employee orientation training.


WHMIS competency training is required for employees that have regular contact with hazardous materials during the performance of their job duties, such as laboratory personnel, custodial staff and shop workers.

Competency training is a more in-depth look at WHMIS including legislative requirements, personal protective equipment, and handling hazardous products.

Work area specific training

Your supervisor or someone designated by your supervisor is responsible for instructing you on proper handling of hazardous materials and also the location of the MSDS.

If there are only a few (10 or less) hazardous materials present at your work area your supervisor will discuss in detail all hazardous materials present using the MSDS as a reference. In cases where many (more than 10) hazardous materials are present your supervisor should discuss each hazardous material in detail before it is used for the first time.

Additionally, before handling any hazardous material, read the MSDS for the material prior use, paying particular attention to safe handling procedures, proper personal protective equipment and first aid measures. You will also be given instruction on any emergency procedures particular to your work area.

Student training

University of Waterloo-ACE WHMIS online course

WHMIS is now available to students as an online course through Waterloo LEARN. To take the online WHMIS course you must first "self-enroll" in the WHMIS course. Please have your QUEST userID and password handy when self-enrolling.

All students at UWaterloo (undergraduate and graduate) that have a lab/shop/studio component to their studies that requires them to work with controlled products must have WHMIS training.

WHMIS training may be taken at any computer on campus. Off-campus students are advised to use computers on-campus if they do not have a high-speed connection.

LEARN Safety Orientation/WHMIS Online Course

If you experience difficulties during the self-enroll process, please contact the computing support group for your faculty.

Arts computing

Science computing

Engineering computing

Applied Health Sciences computing

Environmental Studies computing

Mathematics computing

UWaterloo employee training

WHMIS training for staff and graduate students is an online course that can be completed in one hour.

WHMIS training

If you require WHMIS, contact Doug Dye safety/compliance training coordinator ext. 35613.