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Safety training records instructions

Safety training records tutorial

Safety training of University of Waterloo (UW) employees is tracked in an add-on package from PeopleSoft accessed through the myHRinfo web page.

While navigating do not use the browser's forward and backward buttons, use the links within the main screen. Using your browser's navigation buttons can cause problems particularly when requesting training enrolment.

Learning and development

After logging in to myHRinfo click on the Self Service menu option. The menu expands to give you several options. To access your training records select the Learning and Development option either from the menu listing on the left or from the main screen under the Self Service heading.

the home page of myHRinfo after user has logged in

In the Learning and Development section you will notice three menu options:

  • Training summary
  • Request training enrolment
  • Licenses and certificates

Training summary

This section displays a listing of all training that you have completed at UW. The title of the training, the date (end date indicates if the course was longer than 1 day) and the status are all shown. Clicking on the column title (e.g. course name) will sort the list alphabetically or numerically. The status column indicates if you have completed the training, are enrolled (i.e. you have registered but not yet attended the course) or have been placed on a waiting list. You may see multiple entries for a course, the system tracks all previous training you have taken. Sorting by date will make it easier to see the most recent training you have received.

Request training enrolment

This section is used to register for a classroom based training session.

This section presents you with a number of search methods. The easiest to use is the Search by course name option. Clicking this button will take you to the Course search page. Enter the name of the course you wish to attend then click search. Partial words can be used if you don't know the full name, this will return a list of courses that contain the partial word.

course search page to request course enrolment

Alternatively, you can leave the text box blank and click search. This will return a listing of ALL classroom courses offered for employee training at UW (potentially a very large list) and then you scroll through the listing to find your course. Clicking on the column titles will sort the list accordingly.

Clicking the symbol will give a description of the course content.

If sessions are available for the course you wish to attend you will see a link that states View available sessions.

list of courses searched

Clicking the View available sessions link begins the process of registering for the course you want. Details are provided showing:

  • Location
  • Duration of session
  • Available seats
  • Number of people on the waiting list

list of available sessions of the selected course

Clicking on the session number will take you to the Session Detail screen which gives the time and date of the session. Click continue to proceed with registration.

course sessaion details

The next screen will submit your request to be enrolled in the session you have chosen. If you have any special needs or comments you may enter these into the Comment text field. Click submit to enroll in the session.

submit request to register for selected course

After clicking the submit button the next screen confirms your enrolment.

save confirmaiton of course registration

Clicking OK will bring up a detail page of the session you just registered for. You can print this page as a reminder.

After you have enrolled in a session you may go to your Training summary page where you will see that the session you just enrolled in is now displayed with the status of Enrolled. Upon completion of the session your status will be automatically updated to Completed.

Licenses and certificates

This section displays any training that has an expiry date. It does not actually have any licenses or certificates that can be printed. Rather it is used to track training renewal (ie. First Aid).

Licenses and Certificates currently does not display, however this should be available by Spring 2009 term as more database functions are enabled.

Sign out

Please ensure that you sign out of your session before you leave your computer. Do not share your password with anyone, as they will have access to your entire myHRinfo record.