Working With Radiation


This online training module outlines the basic principles of working safely with radioactive materials and devices.

Who should take this course?

All individuals who work with materials of a radioactive origin.

Training content

  • Identify hazards and risks associated with radioactive materials and devices.
  • Learn how to determine if surfaces or items are contaminated and how to decontaminate them.
  • Learn how to properly dispose of radioactive materials.
  • Understand when a package is safe or not safe to open.
  • Be able to follow proper radiation disposal protocol.

Additional required training:

Radiation safety training has the following three elements:

  • Completion of the online Working With Radiation (SO2030) module.
  • Basic practical radiation safety training from the Safety Office. 
  • Laboratory specific practical radiation safety training provided by the principal investigator.

More information 

    Delivery Course ID Duration
    Online Working With Radiation (SO2030) 1 hour