Speaker Name Talk Title

Asokan Mulayath Variyath  

(Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Variable Selection in Multivariate Multiple Regression

Phelim Boyle 

(Wilfrid Laurier University)

Short Positions and Negative Correlations

Bingshu Chen 

(Queen’s University)

Biomarker Threshold Models for binary and survival data

Yun Hee Choi

(Western University)

Modeling of Successive Cancer Risks in Lynch Syndrome Families in the Presence of Competing Risks Using Copulas

Candemir Cigsar 

(Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Some Modeling Issues in the Analysis of Recurrent Events Data with Dynamic Covariates

Cindy Fu 

(York University)

Using Differential Variability to Increase the Power of the Homogeneity Test in a Two-sample Problem

Cody Hyndman 

(Concordia University)

Trading Against Disorderly Liquidation Under Risk Constraints

Michael McIsaac 

(Queen’s University) 

Addressing Missing Data in Health Research

Ian McLeod

(Western University)

My Studies at UW 1967-78

Wenyu Jiang 

(Queen’s University)

Prediction accuracy for the cure probabilities in mixture cure models (co-authored by Haoyu Sun, Yingwei Peng, & Wenju Jiang)

Karen Kopciuk 

(University of Calgary)

Risk Estimation for Families Genetically-Predisposed to Cancer

Marco Shum

(University of Waterloo)

Imprecise Probabilities for Statisticians

Edward Susko

(Dalhousie University)

Bayes Factor Biases for Non-nested Models and Corrections

Cary Chi-liang Tsai 

(Simon Fraser University)

Pricing Defaultable Catastrophe Bonds

Di (Cindy) Xu 

(University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Parisian-type Ruin for Spectrally Negative Levy Process with Poisson Observations

Yildiz Yilmaz 

(Memorial University)

Two-phase Response-dependent Sampling Designs for Time-to-event Analysis

Jess Zhang

(University of Waterloo)

From Actuarial Science To Data Science

Yang Zhao

(University of Regina)

Methods for Regression Analysis with Missing Data