Funding Sources

Complete list of funded projects

My research has been mostly funded through a number of Learning Innovation and Teaching Enhancement (LITE) grants that are offered by the Centre for Teaching Excellence at the University of Waterloo.

Funding Source Period Amount Title PI and Collaborator(s) Related Publications
CTE LITE Seed Grant 2021 $7500 Development and Assessment of a Training Module on Intellectual Property Literacy W. Chang with A. Hurst, C. Rennick, E. Veintimilla, and J. Coggan  
CTE LITE Seed Grant 2020-2021 $7500 Evaluating and Extending the Reach of the Canadian Design Workshop S. Lambert with A. Hurst and C. Rennick  
CTE LITE Full Grant 2019 - 2021 $30,000

Assessing Student Problem-Solving Skills: A Comprehensive Study of Engineering Design Days

A. Hurst with C. Rennick, C. Hulls, S. Bedi, and S. Mohamed ASEE 2020
CTE LITE Seed Grant 2019 - 2020 $7,500

Needs Identification for Engineering Capstone Design Projects

D. Wright with and C. Rennick and A. Hurst ASEE 2020
ExL Grant 2019 - 2020 $5,500

Piloting field experiences in Engineering departments for process improvements in the capstone design project

C. Rennick with A. Hurst, D. Wright, and S. Bedi  
Gender Equity Grant 2018 - 2019 $10,000 A data-driven study of gender differences in applications to Engineering programs B. Ghaddar with A. Hurst  
CTE LITE Seed Grant 2017 - 2018 $5,000 Facilitating the learning of need finding and problem formulation during cooperative work terms through remote, virtual, clinical instruction O. Nespoli with A. Hurst Design'18
CTE LITE Grant 2017 - 2018 $30,000

Development and Assessment of a Series of Teamwork Training Workshops for Undergraduate Engineering Students

S. Bedi with R. Al-Hammoud, J. Grove, C. Hulls, A. Hurst, C. Rennick, S. Mohamed, E. Jobidon, and M. Barichello

IJEE 2020ASEE 2018ASEE 2017ASEE 2016, CEEA 2018, CEEA 2017, Capstone Conf. 2018

CTE LITE Seed Grant 2015 - 2016 $5,000 Assessment of Quality and Impact of Student Peer Review in Progress Update Meetings in Management Engineering Capstone Design Courses A. Hurst with O. Nespoli IJEE 2019, IJEE 2015, ASEE 2016, Capstone Conf. 2016, Capstone Conf. 2014