Qualitative Methods in Professional Communication and UX Research (ENGL 794)



This course will survey qualitative methods in professional communication and user experience (UX) research. We will consider many examples and read broadly on topics related to research design such as interviewing methods and also online research ethics. In addition to becoming familiar with standard qualitative methods in professional communication and UX research, students will also explore innovative approaches to studying digital media environments. We will consider issues of reliable data, data collection from online sources, managing online data collection, data security, and ethical issues about collecting, aggregating, and sharing any data that may contain personal information. Importantly, we will learn to use this data we collect to produce knowledge with an ethical orientation. Building up to the major project, students will complete small assignments contributing to the research process, resulting in a research proposal as the final assignment. All class work can be tailored to students’ specific research program or interests at either the master or doctoral level.