Jodi Koberinski is a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow at the University of Waterloo whose work focuses on food systems governance in Canada's settler-colonial context. Her research partners at the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Elders Group (Robinson Huron Treaty) seek to characterize the impacts of forestry practices on Treaty rights and Anishnaabek food systems. This research involves Indigenous environmental governance, food democracy, and forestry policy. Jodi completed her Masters investigating sustainability of Canada's pulses sector with Dr. Steffanie Scott, her conceptualizations informed by mentorship from Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Shiv Chopra who is no more, and the late Cathleen Kneen. Complementing her academic studies, Jodi continues her life-long climate activism, offering peer to peer and mentorship supports while a member of the University of Waterloo family.

A public intellectual and committed community educator for decades prior to engaging scholarship at the University of Waterloo, Jodi is a co-founder of the Dangerous Ideas Festival (Canada), the Praxis Project Permaculture-Inspired Art Festival (New Brunswick), and the global Seed Freedom Campaign. In her professional capacity, Jodi was a member of the Organic Value Chain Roundtable, and was a key figure in developing and promoting the organic sector's "Think Before You Eat" Campaign. In recognition of her human rights work in food systems, Jodi was awarded the Oak Fellowship for the study of Human Rights at Colby College in 2015 -- where she served as the Visiting Activist:

"Jodi Koberinski, the Oak Fellow in 2015, is known as an unflagging source of innovation, an activist who tirelessly helps others and furthers the cause of food sovereignty. She is a global leader on this issue and is recognized for her vital work transforming—not just reforming—agriculture to provide sustainable, safe, and secure food systems around the world" - The Oak Insitute for Human Rights.