Current Projects

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I. Hydrological, climatic and biogeochemical controls on phosphorus mobilization in agricultural landscapes

  • Experimental and observational work on hydrobiogeochemical processes
  • Control of non-growing season processes in surface and subsurface flow/tile drainage
  • Vadose zone hydrologic and biogeochemical processes
  • Freeze-thaw cycles and nutrient dynamics
  • Developing predictive relationships and metrics for nutrient mobilization
  • Importance of climate drivers such as frost and precipitation form on nutrient mobilization
  • Soil reactivity and phosphorus retention in croplands
  • *Currently seeking MSc and PhD students for funded projects​​​​​*

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II. Control of land management practices on nutrient mobilization in agricultural landscapes

  • Using nutrient management and 4R Nutrient Stewardship to reduce phosphorus losses
  • Cover crops and phosphorus retention on fields
  • Impacts of drainage control on phosphorus mobilization from fields
  • Effects of tillage practices on phosphorus losses in tile drain effluent
  • Working with farmers, government and agencies in developing solutions for Canadian farms
  • *Currently seeking MSc and PhD students for funded projects*

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