I have completed a research-based Master's degree in Computer Engineering, at the University of Waterloo. I am currently a PhD student at the same university and I belong to the Pattern and Machine Intelligence research group. My research is motivated by applications in the field of Computational Sustainability where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms are applied to solve Sustainability issues for the ecological and societal needs. I am under the supervision of Professor Mark Crowley and I am working in the Machine Learning Lab. Our current research analysis Spatially Spreading Processes (SSPs) like forest wildfires using Reinforcement Learning techniques. (Read about the lab here: "")

I am passionate about Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Geospatial Technology and Programming in general. I did a bachelors degree in Geomatics Engineering in College Of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. I have also done side projects in Geocomputation that I have presented in top conferences ( India Geospatial Forum, IEEE - Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, Indian Society of Remote Sensing Engineers etc. ) and published in journals. You can find code for some of my projects in my Bitbucket repo:

My current research focusses at the University of Waterloo is on Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning and Game thoery with a particular focus on improving wild fire prediction systems. I am being supervised by Professors Mark Crowley and Kate Larson. I am also affliated with the Borealis AI ( where I work on algorithmic trading using machine learning and reinforcement learning. I am supervised by Pascal Poupart and Nidhi Hegde in Borealis. 

Additionally, I know to play the Mridangam (South Indian Percussion instrument).