Steering Committee. Region of Waterloo Sustainability Corridor. 2019

As a member on the steering committee for the sustainability corridor, I represent the youth body for sustainability in the Waterloo region. The sustainability corridor is a partnership of regional sustainability organizations, to build a unified voice for local sustainability initiatives. One of my roles with the corridor is to organize a formal launch later this year.

Mentor. Trails Youth Initiatives. 2019

As a youth mentor with the Trails Youth Initiatives Program, I have assisted five high school students through their transition to post-secondary institutions. My responsibilities included arranging individual meetings with each mentee, reporting on their developments, revising post-secondary applications, and making referrals where appropriate.

Treasurer. Sierra Youth Canada. 2018

As the treasurer of the Sierra Youth organization, I was the point of contact for budgeting and financial accountability, in partnership with Sierra Club Canada. This role included managing financial matters of the committee, such as operating costs and money from sponsorships. I was also involved with strategizing a rebranding and relaunching initiative, to build awareness about the organization through increased social media presence and revitalized benefits for student members. Finally, I sat on the hiring committee for the recruitment and employment of three new members at the end of my tenure.

Regional Director. Sustainable Youth Canada Waterloo Chapter. 2017

As the regional director of Sustainable Youth Canada's Waterloo chapter, I facilitated a team of seven executive members leading youth engagement initiatives in the region of Waterloo. Since my involvement, SYC Waterloo has co-hosted two annual sustainability conferences, connecting over 300 community members and 30 local organizations who share a common passion for environmental sustainability.