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Environment and Business with a background of a man in a suit in front of a living wall.
An executive education program that provides you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to integrate environment and business in practical ways. This distinctive degree prepares you for strategic positions in organizations seeking to pursue and/or influence sustainability business practices.
Sustainability Management with a background of wind turbines along the coast.
A program committed to providing future environmental leaders with the research skills, management tools, strategies and processes required to realize sustainable outcomes within business, government and third sector organizations.
Economic Development and Innovation with a background of skyscrapers.
A professional, coursed-based program to inspire passion for finding innovative solutions that facilitate prosperity, sustainability and inclusive growth in cities and communities in Canada and around the world. 
Development Practice with a background of people on a small boat.
A professional, course-based program that prepares students to better identify and address the challenges of extreme poverty and sustainable development through excellent course offerings. With a focus on sustainable development, the MDP offers courses from four intersecting areas: health, natural, social, and management sciences.


Sustainability Management with a background of solar panels in the winter.
A PhD program that is designed for students seeking to create theoretically sound and rigorous research applications for management problems in environment, enterprise and sustainable development. This degree program normally takes four years to complete or longer. 

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  • Master of Development Practice,
  • Master of Economic Development and Innovation,
  • Master of Sustainability Management

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