Degree details

The Master of Development Practice is a full-time program completed on campus in 4-6 terms.

Course load Required courses Elective courses Other degree requirements Minimum GPA to graduate
Full-time studies of 4 terms (with the possibility of extending for an additional term) 10 required courses (includes Field Placement) 3 electives 2 one-day workshops from a choice of 3 70%

Course schedule

Core courses and the field placement are offered once per year on a set schedule. If students are extending the program, it is possible to take courses (except the Field Placement) out of sequence with departmental approval.

Term 1 (Sep-Dec)

Pre-programme orientation (Sep)

INDEV 601: Foundations of Sustainable Development Practice (Global Classroom from Columbia University)

INDEV 602: International Development: Theory and Practice

INDEV 604: Sustainable Cities

INDEV 606: Energy and Sustainability

INDEV 609: Sustainability Concepts, Applications and Key Debates

Term 2 (Jan-Apr)

INDEV 603: Global Health

INDEV 605: Economics for Sustainable Development

INDEV 607: Methods for Sustainable Development Practice: A Systems Approach

INDEV 608: Water and Security

2 one-day workshops from a choice of 3

Term 3 (May-Aug)

INDEV 611: Field Placement

Term 4 (Sep-Dec)

3 electives


Electives are normally completed in the second Fall term of the degree. If a student has opted for an extended program then electives may be taken during both the fall and winter terms.

Students can choose 3 electives from the Graduate Schedule of Classes. The electives may or may not be in one area of focus. Please note that not all courses are offered in the Fall term.

Students may be able to choose their electives at other Ontario universities as long as a similar course is not offered at the University of Waterloo.

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