Degree details

These degree details are effective January 2017 for MEDI students. For students that entered into the program before January 2017, please refer to the Graduate Academic Calendar in your year of entry.

Course load # of courses Other degree requirements Minimum GPA to graduate

(4 courses/term)

Part-time studies
(2 courses/term)




Capstone Project

- Internship; OR

- Applied Research Project; OR

- Major Research Paper (with permission of Program Director)


Required courses

Core courses

ECDEV 601 - Economic Development: Theories and frameworks

ECDEV 602 - Economic Development: Policy and practice

ECDEV 603 - Analytical tools and techniques for economic development

ECDEV 604 - Management and policy tools for economic development and sustainability professionals

Thematic courses

ECDEV 605 - Innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable business development

ECDEV 606 - Innovation and economic development in cities and regions

Two electives

ECDEV 611 - Industrial location theory and concepts

ECDEV 612 - Land development

ECDEV 615 - Community economic development

ECDEV 642 - Stakeholder engagement, collaborations and partnerships

ENBUS 612 - Social entrepreneurship and scaling social innovation

INDEV 604 - Sustainable cities

SUSM 630 -  Enterprise marketing and social accountability

Other courses with approval from the program director

Course schedule

The MEDI program is tightly scheduled. The program includes eight courses that equip students with a broad understanding of economic development theory and practice. Students typically take four on-campus courses per term, completed in two consecutive terms (Fall and Winter). Please note that MEDI courses are only offered once per year. In the spring term, students complete their capstone project. 

Part-time students will work with the Graduate Administrator and Program Director to balance program and work responsibilities.

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