MEB financial need awards are tuition subsidies for MEB students who are not receiving full tuition funding from their employer or another source. They are available every year to eligible students registered in the MEB program and to new students who apply by the February 1st deadline. Financial need is based on personal/household income. Students may apply each year they are enrolled if their individual income is less than $50,000/year, or in the case of married students, their household income is less than $100,000/year. Application forms are sent to all MEB students via email in April of each year.

Tuition fees

The MEB is a professional program.  Each of the ten courses (ENBUS 690 is a double course) is currently priced at $3,636.00 (CAN)* per course + incidental fees of $42.80 (CAN)* per term.

* based on Winter 2019 tuition

Tuition fee schedules are detailed on the Tuition Fee Schedules section of the Student Financial Services website.

Refer to the Graduate Fee Schedules, and then the term in which you are interested.

  • for Domestic fees, refer to Environment and Business - MEB under the section titled: Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents – Online Professional Graduate Programs
  • for International fees, refer to Environment and Business - MEB under the section titled: International Students - Online Professional Graduate Programs

Additional costs

In addition to the MEB tuition fee, students will be responsible for purchasing textbooks.

Students are expected to provide for their own computer equipment and internet service, in order to participate in online Distance Education courses in the MEB.

Students are also expected to cover the cost of room and board, conference fees, and other costs associated with the initial two-week course in August (ENBUS 601), two professional conferences (milestones), and final three-day residency period (capstone). The University of Waterloo will try to make affordable residence spaces available for the residency periods.

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