Degree details

The MES in Sustainability Management is a research-based masters degree that can be taken full-time or part-time. Full-time students can expect to be enrolled for 6 terms (2 years). Part-time students must finish within 5 calendar years. Some students are ready to defend in the fifth term but most take six terms to complete writing and defend their masters thesis.

Course Load # of required courses* # of required electives Research thesis required? Minimum GPA to graduate
Full-time or part- time studies 4 2 Yes 75% average

*Program details are subject to change. Please refer to the Graduate Studies Calendar for the current degree requirements. If there is a discrepancy, the Graduate Studies Calendar will be accepted as official information.

Course schedule

The following schedule is the suggested sequence and length for full-time students. Part-time students have greater flexibility.

Year 1

Term Course
1. Fall

SUSM 601: Foundations for Sustainability Management

SUSM 602 Theories and Concepts of Sustainability Management

1 elective

2. Winter

SUSM 603 Research Methods for Sustainable Management

SUSM 605 Thesis development

1 elective

3. Spring / Summer Thesis – development and research

Year 2

Students often finish quicker but we suggest you plan for 6 terms.

Term Course
4. Fall

Thesis – Research and analysis

5. Winter

Thesis – Analysis and writing

6. Spring / Summer Thesis – Defence

Recommend​ed electives​

It is possible to choose electives not included on this list, subject to approval by the department or program in which the courses are offered. Students may request permission from the MES SUSM Graduate Program Administrator.

Courses may not be scheduled in a given term or year. See the Graduate Schedule of Classes for more information.

Electives by program

SUSM 620: Business Operations and Sustainability

SUSM 630: Enterprise Marketing and Social Accountability

SUSM 640: Strategy for Sustainable Enterprises

SUSM 650: Environmental Finance


ENBUS 622: Product Life Cycle Assessment

ENBUS 631: Stakeholder Engagement

ENBUS 632: Sustainability Reporting

ENBUS 642: Stakeholder Engagement, Collaborations and Partnerships


INDEV 602: International Development - Theory and Practice

INDEV 604: Sustainable Cities

INDEV 605: Economics for Sustainable Development

INDEV 606: Energy and Sustainability

INDEV 607: Management for Sustainability

INDEV 608: Water and Security

INDEV 616: Urban Food Security


LED 611: Industrial Location Theory and concepts

LED 612: Land Development Planning

LED 613: Regional Development Principles and Practices

LED 615: Community Economic Development

LED 619:Regional Planning, Economic and Investment Analysis

LED 688: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development


INTEG 475/GEOG 675:  Evidence-based decision-making


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