The PhD comprehensive exam is an important milestone in a student’s progression in the PhD degree in Sustainability Management. It is normally completed at the beginning of the second year of study.

SEED first admitted students to the PhD in Sustainability Management in 2018, after two years of development of the program. The program’s comprehensive exam was developed to support a broad understanding of sustainability management as a common foundation for all students in the program.

In 2019, the University revised the general requirements for the comprehensive examination and the format used by SEED is not consistent with the new requirements. However, the School has been permitted to continue its current process, which has been termed a “qualifying exam” format of the comprehensive exam. The University is in the process of establishing university-wide requirements for the qualifying exams, which may be used by programs across the academy. In the interim, the School is required to provided students with the option of a more “traditional” comprehensive exam format.

Thus, for students who began their studies in the PhD in Sustainability Management in 2018 through 2021, there are two options for the PhD comprehensive exam:

Please also see the University requirements for the comprehensive examination.