Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA)

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As Head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation (ICCA), my primary interest is to de-risk Canada relative to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events. The ICCA's website can be found at

Key areas of focus for the ICCA are:

Home Adaptation Assessment Program (HAAP) - helps homeowners identify, install and maintain cost effective measures to reduce their risk of basement flooding.

Natural Infrastructure Adaptation Program (NIAP) - looks at community-level flood resilience through three areas of focus, including:

- Advancing the design and implementation of characteristics for building communities that are more resilient to flooding
– Evaluating the potential of natural infrastructure (e.g., wetlands) to reduce the impacts of flooding and to create healthier and more livable communities
– Researching the impacts of changing climate and extreme weather on financial institutions and investigating the business case for climate adaptation in the financial services sector

Corporate-Specific Adaptation Program (CSAP) - identifies and reduces risks associated with climate change and extreme weather events.

The ICCA utilizes media outreach to convey to audiences the financial and social challenges presented by climate change, and how adaptation can cost-effectively limit future losses that will otherwise escalate.


Ph.D.  Theoretical and Applied Ecology, University of Toronto
M.E.A.Sc. Sustainable Development, Wilfrid Laurier University
M.Sc. Zoology, University of Toronto
Hons. B.Sc. Biology/Geography, University of Toronto

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  • Global News, February 2017. Exclusive: Building codes across Canada to be updated to reflect climate change.
  • CBC News, January 2017. Homeowners Ill-informed about flood compensation.
  • Metro Morning, January 2017 (television interview).



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