PhD Candidate & Lecturer

Email: jcook@uwaterloo.caJulie Cook

Supervisor: Jennifer Lynes

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Twitter: @jc_reimagining

Julie is passionate about better understanding the space where human society and the natural world interact. She believes that understanding our thoughts, values and behaviours in relation to each other and the natural world, as well as challenging the power structures that tend toward inertia could mobilize us towards a sustainable future.

Julie’s research interests are interdisciplinary. Since beginning her PhD in the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development, Julie has been researching the key factors of success and failure in programs that aim to change behaviour for the good of society. Julie’s current research project focuses on understanding how social marketing can learn from social movements in terms of engaging upstream stakeholders in creating social change. Her case study is the New Nordic Food movement, which is an inspiring local food movement that emerged about 15 years ago and swept across the Nordic region, transforming food culture along the way (think local cheese shops, delis, and distilleries).

In addition to research, Julie also teaches environmental sustainability and social change courses. She believes in engaging students as much as possible in their own learning journey.

Courses Taught

ENBUS 309 - Applied Social Marketing

ENVS 195 - Introduction to Environmental Studies

Research Interests

  • Exploring how the disciplines of social movements and social marketing can inform each other in the advancement of social change
  • Discovering what factors lead to success and failure in environmental behaviour change programs
  • Examining how corporate power and the competitive environment can facilitate or impede pro-environmental behaviour


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