Sisir Kanta Pradhan

PhD Student


Sisir Kanta Pradhan

Supervisor: Prateep Nayak

Research Interests

  • Social-ecological systems
  • Value chain development and analysis
  • Small scale fisheries governance
  • Political ecology



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  • Pradhan S.K., Nayak, P.K., Dias A.C.E (2020), Subjective Wellbeing and Happiness, Are they inherently interlinked? in the edited book Happiness and Wellbeing, IIT Kharagpur, Sage Publication. (Chapter under review)
  • Nayak P.K, Pradhan S.K., (2020), Perspectives on Social-Ecological Wellbeing in the edited book Happiness and Wellbeing, IIT Kharagpur, Sage Publication. (Chapter under review)
  • Datta D, Pradhan S.K & Chhotaray D (2014). Poverty and Vulnerability Amid Plenty: Perspectives of People in the Highland Forested Region of Odisha, India, Journal of Poverty, DOI: 10.1080/10875549.2014.979461
  • Datta, D., & Pradhan, S. K. (2012). Addressing challenges of social assistance schemes: rights-based approach in Orissa, India. Development in Practice, 22(3), 279–294.
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  • Singh S, Pradhan S.K., Das S (2002) Whose forest is it anyway? Humanscape, 10 (6), 10-12.


  • Milward, K., Pradhan, S., Pasteur, K. (2016). Promising Pathways; Innovations and Best Practices in CLTS at Scale in Madagascar, CLTS Foundation & Global and Fonds d’ Appui pour I’assaignmnet a (FAA) Madagascar, 978-1-4848-7395-5 (sc), 978-1-4828-7394-8 (e)
  • Datta D, Pradhan S.K. ed. (2012), Respecting Commitments, recognizing Blind Spots, and Negotiated Learning, Concern World wide India, December 2012 (Internal circulation)

Book Chapter and Working Paper:

  • Pradhan, S.K. (2011) Shifting Commons: A perspective on Balancing Conservation and Livelihoods in Protected Areas- Proceedings, Odisha Environment Congress-2011, 14-24
  • Pradhan, S.K (2006). Building Resilience in Local Institution for Natural Resource Management. Working Paper 22, Foundation for Ecological Security, June 2006

Modules and Technical Paper:

  • Kar, K., Pradhan, S., Prabhakaran, P., Thomas. A., Harvey, P. (2017), CLTS Rapid Appraisal Protocol (CRAP), A tool for rapid assessment of the practice of CLTS at scale, Unicef and CLTS Foundation, 2017
  • Giri rao, Y., Dash, T., Mishra, S., Pradhan, S.K. (2012), Training module for Government Functionaries on Forest Rights Act, 2006, United Nations Development Programme, India and Government of India, 2012.

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