Social Innovation

Socio-ecological systems and complexity | Social capital | Social entrepreneurship and engagement | Innovation and development | Youth and innovation

Cross-sector solutions to complex environmental issues

Environment 3 entranceStrategic alliances in environmental protection are important, and yet we know little about how organizations from different sectors can come together to address environmental issues. Professor Haiying Lin is working to bridge this gap. Learn more...

Youth & Innovation Research Project

The Youth & Innovation Research Project aims to reimagine the role of young people in society. We believe that in order to effectively build a culture of innovation and a more prosperous social and economic future for Canada, we must leverage young people’s unique capacities as innovators, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Learn more...

Research at SiG and WISIR

WISIR logoStudents, faculty and staff at SEED-associated Social Innovation Generation and the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience are always working on a great variety of projects. From Indigenous-led social innovation to the democratization of production, the projects are outlined in SiG/WISIR's Research & Publications page.

Supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and business start-ups in rural Ontario: What role for business incubators?

This study examines models and best practices in the organization, governance structure and services of business incubators that support emerging entrepreneurs, business start-ups and innovation in Ontario and other jurisdictions in North America. The study identifies key factors contributing to the success of business incubation activities, as well as barriers, issues, and challenges that might hinder success. Based on a review of the literature on entrepreneurship, start-ups and business incubation, a scan of incubators in North America, and in-depth case studies of existing incubators in Ontario and other jurisdictions, the research will inform OMAFRA policymakers and program officers about the roles that OMAFRA and other partner organizations can play in fostering the success of business incubation initiatives in rural Ontario. Learn more...

Faculty working on Social innovation

Dan McCarthy
simron singh
prateep nayak
tara vinodrai