Sustainability assessment

Industrial ecology | Material and energy accounting and assessment​​

Assessing Priority Utilization Pathways for Canadian Biorefining Technologies

EV3 buildingGoretty Dias and her colleagues use life cycle assessment methods to determine the net resource consumption and emissions for various utilization pathways. The results will help provide strategic assessment and recommendations to policy makers and industry for optimizing biomass resources for energy. Learn more...


Beneficial Management Practices for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation from Agroecosystems

CattleVolatility in commodity pricing, continuing trade issues and a changing climate mean the Canadian beef sector requires action if it is to be sustainable. This project uses life cycle assessment to determine appropriate beneficial management practices for reducing greenhouse gases from Western Canadian beef systems. Learn more...


Life cycle analysis and economic assessment of short rotation willow (Salix)

Salix fieldWillow is a potential solution to increasing prices, supply issues, and climate change impacts related to fossil fuels. However, commercialization of willow requires an understanding of quantity and quality of land resources, environmental performance of management practices and cost of production. Learn more...


Life cycle assessment of biobased materials


Biobased materials present a promising opportunity for more sustainable industrial and consumer products. Yet assessing these systems for their environmental and sustainability performance continues to be a challenge. Steve B. Young and his team are developing new methods and data to do just that. Learn more...


Sustainable management of lithium-ion batteries

Lithium ion.This project looks at an integrated life cycle sustainability management model for Li-ion battery systems in light duty vehicles. We examine a cascaded system: first, battery use in electric vehicles; second, re-purposed cells in stationary applications; and third, recycling of critical materials and chemicals. Learn more...


Faculty working on Sustainability Assessment

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