Campus sustainability graphicFunded by:

Sierra Youth Coalition (inkind)

University of Waterloo

Research Team:

Dr. Amelia Clarke

Dr. Asadul Hoque

Current Undergraduate Student: Linh Pham (BA student)

Previous students: Natalia Moudrak (MES); Chenying (Sherry) Wang (BES), Andrew Adams (BES), James Skuza (BES), Zamir Janmohamed (BES), Mark Tsou (BES), Nigel Moore (BES), and Alex Xu (BES)

Project Description:

There are two related topics within this research project:

  1. Institutionalisation of campus environmental management in Canada
  2. Advancement of campus environmental management in Asian universities

For the first focus of this project, our research has considered campus environmental management systems, sustainability reporting by higher education institutions, and campus climate initiatives. Current efforts are considering how to best institutionalise campus sustainability on all Canadian campuses.

For the second focus, the purpose of the study is to determine the level of campus sustainability practices in different parts of the world. 

Research Activities


Previous studies have been published (see related research outputs below). The most recent study was conducted by a group of students from the University of Waterloo. It was aimed at establishing if specific approaches to institutionalising campus sustainability in Canada are feasible and how the Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC) might strategically direct their efforts given the current landscape of stakeholder interests and roles. For this study, a survey of Canadian student unions and interviews with campus sustainability stakeholders were conducted.


A literature review has been completed on campus environmental management around the world and will soon be prepared into a journal submission. In addition, a study specifically focused on campus environmental management in Bangladesh has been completed.

Related Research Outputs:

Enjoy this student video related to sustainable campus initiatives at University of Waterloo main campus.

Contact information

Amelia Clarke

Director, Master of Environment and Business (MEB) program and Assistant Professor

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)

University of Waterloo