Local Agenda 21s, Sustainable Community Plans, Community Climate Action Plans, and Local Green Economy

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International Collaborative Research Project

Research Team:

Dr. Amelia Clarke, University of Waterloo, Canada

Dr. Lei Huang, State University of New York - Fredonia, USA

Dr. Mark Roseland, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dr. M. May Seitanidi, University of Kent, UK

Dr. David Runnalls, University of Ottawa, CIGI and Sustainable Prosperity

Stephanie Cairns, Sustainable Prosperity

Susan Hall, LURA Consulting

Megan Meaney and Ewa Jackson, ICLEI Canada

Jeca Glor-Bell, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (Observer)

Current students: Adriane MacDonald (PhD), Xinya (Sophie) Yan (MAES), Ying Zhou (MES), Reuben DeBoer (MES), Natalie Heldsinger (MAES), Wen Tian (MAES), and Eduardo Ordóñez (MES).

Previous students: Dr. Asadul Hoque (Post Doc), Allan Taylor (MES), Haoze Chen (MAES), Andrew Kemp (MAES), Aisha Stewart (BES), Xin Yin (BES), Daljit Basan (BES), Timothy Chan (BES), Nicholas Crockford (BES), Cathy Pham (BES), Oloun Polda (BES), and Yiyi Huang (BSc).


Research project description:

The goal of this research project is to help local governments around the world more effectively implement Local Agenda 21s (LA21s), sustainable community plans, and community climate action plans. Relatedly, the project is also focused on measuring the local green economy. 


Research activities:

For more information on the project, see our project website - https://uwaterloo.ca/implementing-sustainable-community-plans/


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Contact information

Amelia Clarke

Director, Master of Environment and Business (MEB) program and Assistant Professor

School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)

University of Waterloo



Funded by: 

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