Funding and awards

Student Awards and Financial Aid has created a list of awards specifically for international experience and travelInternational Development students can also apply for other types of scholarships posted through the University of Waterloo's Student Awards and Financial Aid office.

Bursaries are also available, which are based on financial need, not academic achievement.

For more information and to view current funding opportunities visit the Scholarships page.

S​tudent Loans - Ontario Student Assistance Program

Students are eligible to apply for OSAP loans, or the equivalent student assistance loan program in other Canadian provinces, to cover educational costs. The field placement fee is an OSAP-eligible expense, as are any other program-related expenses.

For detailed instructions, visit the University of Waterloo Student Awards and Financial Aid web site.

Program cost​s

Tuition and incidental fees

Tuition and incidental fees apply on a per-term basis as indicated in the tuition fee schedule.

Note that the 4th year of the INDEV program consists of three consecutive terms: Spring (pre-departure), Fall (field placement) and Winter (field placement and on-campus de-briefing program).

Field placement cost  

Students pay a single program fee of $8,000 to the placement provider, World University Service of Canada (WUSC), regardless of placement location.

Program fee part 1: Each student pays $3,000, which is collected by the University of Waterloo in instalments of $1000 per term and paid to WUSC each term. This fee covers essential services provided by WUSC through the field placement cycle and is applied to the UW tuition bill in 4A Spring, 4B Fall, and 4C Winter Term. This portion of the total program fee is an OSAP-eligible expense. Should the student withdraw from field placement after payment in Spring Term, a portion of this fee may be non-refundable, as determined by WUSC.

Program fee part 2: Each student pays $2,500 in 4B Fall Term and 4C Winter Term, which is collected by St. Paul's University College and paid to WUSC each term. This portion of the total program fee contributes to all direct costs, including: airfare, accommodation, 8-month food and living allowance indexed to country standard of living, health insurance, visa, police and medical checks.

The program fee is a financial contribution to WUSC costs and services, including:

  • Establishing and maintaining partner links in placement countries
  • In conjunction with INDEV Manager, International Work Experience, and WUSC local partners, interviewing and selecting students based on student's knowledge, skills, interests, and attitudes
  • Providing uptodate information about field placement costs
  • Preparing contracts for students
  • Arranging flight tickets
  • Assisting with securing long-term visas
  • Providing pre-departure information about travel, safety, risk management, health insurance, vaccines, living costs, in-country accommodation options, and other country-specific information
  • Delivering pre-departure training
  • Delivering a knowledge sharing/debriefing session at the University of Waterloo upon completion of the field placement
  • Facilitating opportunities for students to publish articles or blogs
  • Meeting students upon arrival in-country and transferring to temporary accommodation for orientation
  • Assisting students in finding suitable accommodations
  • Conducting a minimum 2-3 day orientation in the capital
  • Providing introductions to local language and culture
  • Assisting students to find appropriate language training
  • Providing a 24-hour medical emergency telephone number
  • Facilitating a first meeting with the partner organization
  • Facilitating implementation of an individual learning plan
  • Visiting students on at least two occasions during placement
  • Conducting a one-day in-country debriefing before return to Canada

WUSC will cooperate with INDEV to inform students about services and costs, expectations and responsibilities during the field placement application and selection process. Costs are subject to change without notice.