Funding and awards

Student Awards and Financial Aid has created a list of awards specifically for international experience and travelInternational Development students can also apply for other types of scholarships posted through the University of Waterloo's Student Awards and Financial Aid office.

Bursaries are also available, which are based on financial need, not academic achievement.

For more information and to view current funding opportunities visit the Scholarships page.

S​tudent Loans - Ontario Student Assistance Program

Students are eligible to apply for OSAP loans, or the equivalent student assistance loan program in other Canadian provinces, to cover educational costs. The field placement fee is an OSAP-eligible expense, as are any other program-related expenses.

For detailed instructions, visit the University of Waterloo Student Awards and Financial Aid web site.

Program cost​s

Tuition and incidental fees

Tuition and incidental fees apply on a per-term basis as indicated in the tuition fee schedule.

Note that the 4th year of the INDEV program consists of three consecutive terms: Spring (pre-departure), Fall (field placement) and Winter (field placement and on-campus de-briefing program).

Field placement fee

A compulsory field placement fee of $3,000 will be charged to all INDEV students eligible for 4th year field placement. The fee is collected by the University of Waterloo and paid to World University Service of Canada (WUSC). The placement fee appears on the students’ tuition bill for the 4A, B, and C terms. The fee is an eligible expense under provincial student loan programs.  

The field placement fee cover’s WUSC’s overhead costs of procuring field placements, maintaining partnerships with field offices and host organizations, evaluating field placements, monitoring and enhancing student safety, and providing emergency services as needed.  

The fee includes the following services:  

  • Identifying and securing high-quality and safe field placement opportunities

  • Coordinating with the INDEV FPC to ensure host organizations and student mandates meet program educational criteria and objectives

  • Pre-departure assistance with required travel and health documentation, financial budgeting, health and safety risk management

  • Pre-departure orientation and post-placement debriefing

  • Airport pickup and in-country orientation

  • 24-hour medical emergency contact number in-country

  • Assistance to find local accommodation 

  • Assistance and mentoring student to develop his/her WUSC Learning and Development Plan each term

  • Site visits to each student at least once per term

  • Evaluation of field placements with local supervisor

  • In-country assistance with personal and work-related issues

  • Access to a global network of WUSC alumni

Travel and living costs

WUSC provides students with an estimated budget for expected field placement costs by country, including airfare, visa, vaccinations, and living allowance for the eight months overseas. Students are responsible for ensuring they have enough funds to cover these costs as expenses arise. The estimated budget is based on last year’s actual costs incurred by student-volunteers, however, costs may change without notice due to fluctuations in local currency, fuel, rent, utilities, and food prices. Typically, students should expect to budget between $5,000 to $9,000 for airfare and basic living expenses (rent, utilities, food, local transport, and other essentials).