PhD & Academic Career in Audit, Assurance, Accounting Information Systems (AIS), or Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Mentorship Program


The mentorship program’s purpose is to provide undergraduate and MAcc School of Accounting and Finance students who are interested in pursuing a PhD with an opportunity to learn more about an academic career in audit, assurance, accounting information systems (AIS), or enterprise risk management (ERM). Specifically, the program will expose students to the research and teaching responsibilities of accounting professors in one (or more) of these areas and provide students with valuable information about benefits and costs of pursuing a PhD in the applicable area(s).

Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

At the start of their program term, each successful applicant will receive a tailored mentorship program schedule outlining the responsibilities they will commit to for that term, which include:

  • Attending at least three relevant research workshops in the audit, assurance, AIS, or ERM area hosted by SAF or similar groups (e.g., related workshops hosted by other UW faculties or other nearby universities, academic conferences held locally or online, etc.)
    • Applicants will also read the introduction of each paper and meet with their mentor before and after each workshop to discuss relevant aspects of the paper
  • Committing approximately 5-10 hours to various activities that could include any or all of:
    • Shadowing the research activities of their mentor (e.g., data collection or analysis)
    • Discussing research papers to learn about conducting research
    • Attending talks put on by senior faculty with advice about academic careers
    • Shadowing the preparation or delivery of teaching activities of their mentor
  • Preparing a blog (max 1000 words) that describes aspects of the mentorship program that were particularly informative. This blog may be used by the University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity and Information Systems Assurance (UW CISA) in its marketing material or published on UW CISA’s webpage