Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) degree requirements

Course selection

In your first-year, you will complete 2 study terms and take 5 courses each term. For both the fall and winter terms of your first year, your required courses will be scheduled for you. Starting July 21, you will be able to view your class schedule on QUEST.

Elective information for students entering in Sept 2019 (Class of 2024)

You will have six to 12 electives throughout your 4 years of the AFM program. The exact number will depend on the professional designations and Career Interest areas you choose to pursue as a part of your AFM degree. There are many options regarding the use of your electives. 

  • Career Interest Area - CPA, CFA, Entrepreneurship, Data Analytics
  • minors (international studies, languages, etc.)
  • exploring your passions or new areas of interest
  • pursuing both a CPA and CFA designation

Click here to see the 2019-2020  Academic Calendar Degree Requirements for AFM students. 

First year course schedule
Fall (1A) Term Winter (1B) term
Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) 101 - Introduction to Financial Accounting AFM 102 – Introduction to Managerial Accounting
AFM 132 - Introduction to Business Stages AFM 121 – Introduction to Global Financial Markets
AFM 111 - Professional Pathways & Problem-Solving Statistics (STAT) 211 - Introductory Statistics and Sampling for Accounting
AFM 112 - Analytic Methods for Business Speech communication (SPCOM) 111 – Leadership, Communication and Collaboration
Economics (ECON) 101 - Introduction to Micro Economics

BET 100 - Foundations of Entreprenurial Practice


  • You will automatically be enrolled in your 10 required first year courses as listed above
  • AFM 101, AFM 132, AFM 111, AFM 112 and ECON 101 must be completed in your 1A term

Sequence of courses/degree checklist

CPA and CFA combined path

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Degree checklist: class of 2020 , class of 2021 , class of 2022