January 2019

Double major, minor, and elective courses

Kyrie with Vivian Diec outside Tatham Centre

How do I choose?

Have no idea what the difference is between a double major, minor, or elective courses? I didn’t either until I started doing research on university.

Understanding majors and minors

Kyrie wearing an orange beyond ideas University of Waterloo button

So many choices … so many opportunities to be unique!        

When I began looking into university programs, I realized that I was unfamiliar with what a major or minor was, or even the process of declaring a major.

Choosing a program and courses

Kyrie with Porcellino

Programs, courses, majors, oh my!

When I first started looking into university and university applications, I did not know the difference between programs and courses. I thought they were the same thing or similar to school subjects.