April 2019

Choosing between residences

Your home away from home


Where will I live?

Exchange Students

Bianca and Tiffany in Scotland

Current 4th year AFM students, Bianca and Tiffany spoke with the SAF Communications and External Relations team about their experiences while on an exchange trip. Bianca went on an exchange to Sweden while Tiffany enjoyed a study term in London, UK!

Student Athletes

David Larbi ruby fight

David, Amaris, and Zao took the time to talk to SAF’s Communications and External Relations team about their experiences being on a varsity team. They shared some tips on how they managed their time between academics and sports. In addition to these three student athletes, seven other student athletes from SAF programs were named on the 2018 President’s Academic Honour Roll, making the university proud.

International Co-op

Kyrie at Tatham Centre standing beside the Tatham Centre sign

How far I will go

Co-op opens up many doors, like the opportunity to travel and pursue international experiences. Co-op gives me the opportunity to become a globe-trotter.

Exploring new jobs

Kyrie looking at a bulletin board in the Tatham Centre

Expansion and Experience

Having to stay in the same job for all my co-op terms was a concern when I first looked into co-op. With co-op, I would be able to experience different ways of working based on environment and the way my employer runs operations.


Kyrie walking up the stairs at the Tatham Centre

Off to work we go

At the start of my research into university, I had not even considered co-op as an option. I originally thought that co-op seemed like it was bringing me into the working world early, but after looking into it a little more I realized it is rather useful.