November 2019

Should I take a gap year?

Should I take a gap year or should I go straight into University? I’ve asked myself this many times and have even sought opinions from family and friends, however, I’m still undecided.

Day 3: Germany International study trip

Monday in Frankfurt Germany was the first day of our company meetings for the AFM 415 International Study Trip. Our first meeting for the day was with the European Central Bank (ECB) at 10:30 AM.

Day 2: Germany International study trip

The second day of the AFM 415 International Study Trip was in Frankfurt, Germany. The day started with a complimentary breakfast, to which the highlight were delicious Nuremberg sausages!

Application process: Application fees

A big thing that comes with applying for University is the cost, not tuition fees but the application fee. When I started looking into University, I knew there was a cost that came with applying but I didn’t know how much it was.