December 2020

When it's not all dinner reservations at Dorsia; The women of accounting and finance

Photo of Kiera Ca on her laptop

I think it’s extremely beneficial and inspiring to be able to hear the stories of these women who attended the same university as I am currently, and am grateful I participated in the meeting and unlearn all I thought I knew about the accounting and finance world.

How AFM and case competitions go hand-in-hand!

Photo of Fahad

This year, after completing all of my co-op terms, I decided to join the UWaterloo team for the McGill International Portfolio Competition (MIPC). While the prize money was a good motivator, I figured I could also come out of this competition gaining more skills at my disposal.

A trip to the UK – no passport required


There aren’t many opportunities in life where you will have the privilege to compete on an international stage, and even fewer chances to do so as a student representing your university. So, when I was invited by the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) to represent the University of Waterloo at the 2020 McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC) alongside three of my peers, I knew this was an opportunity I could not pass up.

Striving to build a strong team


I think one of the best things about participating in case competitions is getting to experience the benefits of being part of a diverse team. Each of my team members had different strengths and abilities, although we were all in AFM, we were in different years of the program and had different interests and backgrounds. Looking back, the diverse experiences among my teammates helped forge the strengths of our team and offered me a unique opportunity to learn from them.

From email to experience!

Photo of Nathan

One hot summer night, I was off-handedly checking my email, looking to see if there was anything I had to do before my upcoming 2A academic term. There were many emails, but one email about a “competition subsidy program” piqued my interest.

Our way to STRIVE!

Photo of Rocky

I would never have thought that we would place 2nd in the STRIVE Conference competition. I’m not saying that we do not deserve to win, I am just so thrilled to see this result from my first ever case competition I participated in.

A personal win for my First Ever Case Competition!

Photo of Tiffany

Regardless if we win or lose, I believe that it is special to represent your school at these kinds of events as it encourages us to STRIVE to be the best we can be!

Navigating co-op and my future as a first-year AFM student

Photo of Julia

Launch Your Career is a must-attend event!

The Pros and Not-So-Cons of Case Competitions

Photo of Winston

I was pulled back and forth when deciding whether I felt I should enter the case competition with a group of friends…“It would be fun”…“But it would take too much time”… “I could meet new leaders in industry”… “But what if we lose”.

So, naturally, I weighed the outcomes with a pros and cons list.

From Classroom to the Lang Tax Case Conference

Photo of Alicia

There is no better time to try new things than in this virtual learning environment! In early November, I participated in my first case competition with a few friends at the University of Guelph’s first ever Lang Tax Case Conference.