August 2021

Get To Know: Tracy Hilpert, Lecturer

Tracy Hilpert and partner with dogs

With the fall term coming up, our community is getting ready to return to campus, and so it is a great time to be introduced (or re-introduced) to some of our faculty and staff! Candid, enlightening, serious, and not-so-serious, our Q&A series allows the personalities of the faculty and staff members who make up the SAF community to shine.

First up! Tracy Hilpert, Lecturer of Managerial Accounting.

What hobby have you picked up while working remotely?

From Challenge to Championship…What a Wild Ride!

Amanda F., Fatima N. (AFM), and Kelvin Z., AFM students

Getting a look at a career in taxation by competing in the Young Tax Professionals Case Competition

Looking at tax through a new perspective

Abirna G., AFM student

Lessons gained from competing in the YTP Case Competition

Hello SAF community!

My name is Abirna, and I am an undergraduate student who has recently completed her third year in Accounting and Financial Management (AFM), and even more recently joined the Young Tax Professionals program (YTP for short).

When people hear I am learning tax in school they often get confused. People assume that tax is just inputting numbers into a form and that it is easy as that. However, the taxation field is so much more and is integral to our daily lives. 

The Four T’s of Business Evaluation

Photo of Zaineb

What are the important aspects to keep in mind when making an investment decision?

During my time on the Student Venture Fund (SVF), I learned tons about entrepreneurship, technology, and finance. With guidance from industry experts and faculty members in finance, the SVF is a great program where students can get hands-on training in venture capital investing. Organized into transaction teams of three to four associates and analysts, we get a chance to prepare for a career in venture capital investing through activities including reviewing potential investments, conducting due diligence, and more!

Shaping a sustainable future with Waterloo

Photo of windmills and field

Climate change is accelerating, and the world is in need of leaders to make a significant impact in the present and future. Businesses around the world are incorporating environmental and sustainable factors in their strategic plans.

As the world moves into a new norm, the only certainty is tax

Photo of Helena

Hi fellow School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) students!

I’m Helena, a Master of Accounting (MAcc) student who joined the Young Tax Professionals (YTP) program not long ago. You may be wondering, “What is a MAcc student doing in the YTP program and not preparing for the CPA Common Final Examination (CFE)?” I am here to share my experience to help you gain some insight into the YTP program and the taxation field.

Behind the Scenes: Organizing a Virtual International Study Trip Course

Photo of Jeffrey, Khushboo, and Soham

Our team members are made up of Jeffrey, Khushboo, and Soham. We are looking forward to sharing our insights and letting you in on what goes into coordinating a virtual international study trip course. Throughout the term, we, the Logistics team, have been dedicated to ensuring our class meetings and future interview meetings run optimally. Through proper planning, organizing, and being adaptable, we make it logistically feasible for the class to be able to meet diverse industry executives from around the world.

The Value of a Quality Sleep – Our IRC 2021 Experience

3rd place

The Importance of Collaboration and Curiosity

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