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An opportunity to explore project management and finance

Eclipse Team Pic

Students finish 2nd in the Canada-wide Eclipse Case Competition

We are a team of Accounting and Financial Management students from the University of Waterloo who had the opportunity to participate in this exciting Eclipse Case Competition open for undergraduate students across Ontario. Our team, consisting of Mohammad, Robert, Bryce, and Nathan, had an incredible time at the competition, and we’re excited to share our experience with you.

A glimpse into the world of taxation: Lessons learned from placing second in the YTP Case Competition

Second place team holding up their prize cheque. From left to right: Daniel, Umer, Professor Julie Robson.

Our team was comprised of two Master of Accounting (MAcc) students who completed all their co-op terms in audit and a fourth-year Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) student who only completed one of his co-op terms in a tax-related role. With a limited background in tax, we all felt underqualified heading into the case competition since we knew we would be competing against peers with much more relevant tax experience.

Creativity and Tax Knowledge Intersect at the Lang Tax Conference

Lang Tax Team Pic

Having fun while competing on a provincial stage 

The Lang Tax Conference was an amazing opportunity for our team to combine creativity and research skills in a tax policy-based setting! This was our second year participating in the competition, so we had an idea of what to expect, but it was the first time we were able to prepare for the case and attend the conference in-person.

Growing our passion in tax: Reflections on placing first at the YTP case competition

First place team holding up the prize cheque. From left to right: Anshul, Baldwyn, Rebecca, Professor Julie Robson

Our team (from left to right: Anshul, Baldwyn, and Rebecca) recently had the opportunity to compete in the Young Tax Professionals (YTP) Case Competition on June 16, 2023. We had a great experience where we got to use the tax knowledge, research abilities and presentation skills that we have learned from our undergraduate and master’s programs.

Taking the Bespoke Approach

Full body shot of Jai, Chiranjeev, and Luka

Our Journey to Winning the SAF Investment Research Challenge (IRC)

The 10th edition of the School of Accounting and Finance’s (SAF) Investment Research Challenge (IRC) brought anticipation and excitement. As a team of students who enjoy pitch competitions, we knew we had to try our best during the competition if we were to win the top prize. After weeks of preparation and a day of competing, we were incredibly happy to hear that we won first place!

Our journey to first place at the SAF Strategy Competition

Full body shot of Carol, Mehek, and Helen

Three elements that helped us succeed

After competing in several case competitions together, our team decided that the SAF Strategy Competition was an amazing opportunity for us to apply our skills at home in Hagey Hall.

Building Connections Across the World

Collage of Harshil, Quang, Raphael, and Tony

As the corporate relations team for the International Study Course Trip to Vietnam, our mission is to establish strong connections with industry professionals across the globe. With its dynamic business landscape, Vietnam has emerged as a promising destination for collaborations and partnerships. Despite encountering several challenges, our team has honed valuable skills and tactics to ensure our success in reaching out and arranging meetings with industry experts in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The Global Case Competition with Harvard University

picture of Natasha

From challenge to experience:

Each year, the Global Case Competition at Harvard University attracts over 3,000 finance and business students from 100 universities across the world to present their financial valuation and strategy-backed recommendations to a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) case. 

Arranging meetings with industry professionals

A collage of portraits of Amaan, Kalash, Pravina and Shaista

With the Indonesia trip around the corner, the corporate relations team has been busy finalizing which companies we will be meeting with while we’re away! After weeks of hard work and perseverance, our team has successfully filled out our meeting schedule.

The meals and logistics team for Vietnam share how to plan for an amazing trip

Collage of the individual photos of Donald, Rebekah, Emily and Jacob

Our trip to Vietnam in August is fast approaching, and the meals and logistics team has been busy planning various components of the trip. As our schedule fills up with meetings, activities, and everything in-between, the trip is really starting to take shape. Although we are so excited, a considerable amount of thought, planning, and research must go into making sure everything runs smoothly.


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