From challenge to championship—what a wild ride!

I strongly suggest you take part in any competition like the CFA Ethics Competition. I feel I was able to learn more about CFA Ethics in this competitive environment, than I would have through a course or project. I learned how ethics can be implemented in all types of situations—even in my daily life.

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: Applying knowledge to real-life scenarios at the IBM Tech Consulting Competition

Centered around IBM’s technology, our task was to determine the best course of action for a medium-sized bank looking to expand its operations nationally. With four hours to pull the deliverables together, we as a team were able to identify and play to the strengths of each individual. Our team was able to leverage a diverse set of backgrounds, as we’ve all completed a variety of co-op placements including private equity, accounting, management consulting and tech.

My advice on networking and standing out to co-op employers

It can be a daunting task to go up and talk to strangers. In the field of Accounting and Finance we are put in situations where we are constantly talking to employers and building our network. In my opinion I enjoy networking because I see it as an opportunity to meet friends and create relationships. My advice for networking is be to try and be unique and have a normal conversation.

Stepping out of my comfort zone

In order to be ready to take on new challenges and opportunities I must develop myself as a professional. This means stepping out of my comfort zone, building and maintaining a strong support system and sharpening my technical and durable skills. Stepping out of my comfort zone began when I was deciding which university to attend.

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: Sharing experiences to shape the future

Sometimes making our career defining moments can be difficult. As undergrads and aspiring students, it is important to take some time and really savour the moments you share.

A letter to my past self

Dear Khanh of 2018,

This is your future self – Khanh of 2020. I’m writing this letter to let you know about an interesting concept introduced at DECA Leadership Development Academy today. It has really opened up new perspectives for me and I believe for you as well.

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: My full circle journey

I still remember the days back in high school where I would put countless hours into preparing for DECA Provincials with my case partner, a business competition that most high schoolers dream of winning.

How revisiting DECA changed my perspective

I recently had the opportunity to return to DECA, however this time I wasn’t the nervous young girl scanning over performance indicators and stressing about Porter’s five forces – this time, I was on other side.

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: A letter to my best friend

Hey Rachel!

Just wanted to check in since it’s been a while. How are you? How’s Cali? I hope you’re soaking up enough sun for both of us.

Do you remember DECA in high school? Well, guess who went back to provincials!!

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM: An opportunity to be better

Dear Grade 11 Anthony,

This is your future-self sending you an email (yes unfortunately we still use email in the future) in order to help guide you in the upcoming few months. SPOILERS AHEAD!


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