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Co-op and Career Development

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The SAF’s undergraduate programs are based on a Learning Model which focuses on the develo​pment and integration of skills, knowledge and professional qualities. As an aspiring professional, your career pathway begins in the classroom with courses that are uniquely designed and delivered to help you understand and apply real skills for the real world. Your professional development doesn’t stop there.
Take advantage of the experiential opportunities to integrate what you’ve learned in the classroom by practicing in real situations.

Experiential Learning opportunities are offered as part of your program and is coordinated by SAF faculty and staff in association with University departments, student groups, employers, alumni, and other external partners and supporters.

Having SAF play an active role in your professional development through experiential learning will give you the competitive advantage. When you graduate, you’ll be well-equipped and well connected, because you’re experienced. You’ll know what big challenges in accounting and finance you want to tackle and where you see yourself five years,  because you’ll be well on your way to getting there.