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The Co-op Advantage

Put Canada’s largest co-op program to work for you. Established more than 50 years ago, the SAF was the first school to introduce co-op in accounting and finance programs to enhance learning
and professional development.   — Tom Scott, SAF Director

Preparing for co-op

To help you be successful in your job search, prepare for your first work term by assessing your marketable skills and obtaining work or volunteer experience related to your area of study.

Learn why your experience matters

Your degree is designed to launch your career quickly by offering four types of in and out-of-class experiences. These experiences connect you with outstanding classmates, faculty, staff, employers, alumni and others so that you can grow personally and professionally.

What it means to be in a co-op only program

SAF students train harder and faster for the business world. Test-drive your professional qualities, knowledge and skills by applying to paid co-op roles, attending job interviews, and being evaluated at work. The experiential learning that happens through the integrated course work and on your co-op work terms will allow you to build a co-op pathway that hones your interests, accelerates your professional development and launches your career.

100% of SAF students are co-op studentsSAF students navigate diverse co-op opportunities in almost every area of the employment sector. Discover your own unique co-op pathway and develop an area of expertise and demonstrate to employers your ability to understand, apply, and integrate accounting and/or finance concepts in the real world. 

Current students can download SAF Co-op Updates and Reports to get updated information about your co-op work term. Find it at: LEARN > My SAF Community > Content > Course Materials > Experience Learning and Career Development for SAF Students

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