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Fellowship Program

Students chatting with alumni during SAF Awards dinnerAbout the Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program, established in 2003, has proved to be a game-changer. The program invites SAF alumni and selected students to participate in a unique four-year relationship that benefits the participants as well as the accounting and finance professions.

The Fellowship Program offers participating SAF students an additional path, beyond their classroom and co-op experiences, to grow and develop as well-rounded future leaders. 

Selected from each incoming AFM class, Fellows receive specialized training and work experience with the added benefit of financial compensation.

Fellows are named after an Honouree – an alumnus who exemplifies the spirit of the AFM program. Honourees can be a living example of a successful career, provide guidance, or offer advice to his/her Fellow. 

The Fellowship Program has given me the opportunity to partake in various roles to give back to the SAF community, meet new people, and develop my skills throughout my undergraduate career. - Manav Kapoor (BAFM '13, MAcc '13)

How to apply to the Fellowship Program

Students sitting at a table, with others in the background minglingThe Fellowship Program Committee is looking to have a group of students in the Fellowship Program that represents about 10% of their total class size. 

Committee members will fill a number of Fellowships available for a particular incoming class with selected incoming students. The rest of the Fellowship Program placements for that class will be filled with students at the beginning of Year 2, after students have had a chance to prove themselves as engaged AFM students.


If you have any further questions about the Fellowship Program, please contact: